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Pool laminate bales

insulated with polyurethane foam.

Garden hot tubs with laminate inserts made of resins used in the manufacture of swimming pools or yachts are the ideal solution to keep clean and make maintenance as easy as possible. Balia with laminate insert is a solution that provides 100% watertightness without the need to keep water inside as in the bales of solid wood because the laminate does not expand. The thickness of the walls is on average 6 cm, which consists of an outer layer of wood and laminate inside, and between these layers of thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam and polystyrene inserts.

Security cover

Double platform

Sand filter


RGB led lighting

Sub-choke stove

Outdoor stove

Electric stove

Thermal cover

RAL colors

Dimensions of laminates:

lifepolska balie wymiary
Bales with laminate insert
siberian cedar / larch
Ø 117×80 cm, h 104 cm, 0,5m3, persons 1, 110 kg
8 250 PLN
10 147 PLN
9 125 PLN
11 223 PLN
Ø 147×93 cm, h 114 cm, 0,5m3, persons 2, 125 kg
9 000 PLN
11 070 PLN
9 625 PLN
11 838 PLN
Ø 176 cm, h 110 cm, 1,6 m3, persons 4-6, 220 kg
10 625 PLN
13 068 PLN
11 375 PLN
13 991 PLN
Ø 194 cm, h 110 cm, 1,8 m3, persons 6÷10, 250 kg
11 250 PLN
13 837 PLN
11 875 PLN
14 606 PLN
Ø 236 cm, h 112cm, 2,2 m3, persons 8÷12, 290 kg
12 990 PLN
15 977,70 PLN
13 990 PLN
17 207,70 PLN

Equipment: stove including chimney, wooden stove cover, steps for ascent (for BW-23 single platform), stainless steel bands, natural untreated wood. For BW -19 and BW-23, the stove is optional: indoor or outdoor. BW-19P and BW-23P with under-stove. BW-12 and BW-14 only with chanter stove. In BW-19 and BW-23, installation of hydromassage system for an extra charge. For other equipment, see log accessories.

*P – chassis stove (integrated).


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