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What wood is the tub made of and what is the sauna made of?


Generally, wood for hot tubs and saunas must be obtained from coniferous trees. In our Polish mountains, you can find spruce log houses that are over 100 years old and the material is like new. Deciduous trees are largely devoid of resinous substances that are very important when the wood is to be used outdoors. Spruce or pine is a great material for this type of application. Pine is a bit worse for tubs, because it is too resinous and when we heat the water to 40 ° C, it often turns yellow at the beginning. Spruce is great for hot tubs or a garden sauna, provided that it is first grade wood and selected for knots. Cedar and Larch are the best materials for a sauna and a hot tub. They increase the cost of execution, but give up to several percent better life of saunas and hot tubs in the garden. A certificate or other document confirming the origin of the wood is important.

CEDR – It has two times better insulation than pine (strong fibrousness and compactness, small annual growths below one millimeter). Especially the Siberian pine is valuable because it grows in very extreme conditions (long winters with low temperatures down to -50 degrees). This material, due to its properties, ensures sterility in the rooms, has a positive effect on the work of the heart, sleep, and also has anti-allergic properties. It is characterized by positive energy, pleasant smell and unusual color – pale pink color. In houses built of cedar, the air is always clean and the humidity is kept at the right level.

The most important is the thickness of the material and its quality, as well as how we care for our hot tubs and garden saunas during use. The viability of wood depends on the species, but bacteria are responsible for the damage, which should be removed as best as possible.

Seasoned and dried wood for the production of logs and garden saunas. Spruce from Istebna in the Beskids and Siberian cedar (pinus cembra) from the Baikal forests.

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