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Sauna oval Panorama.

Sauna oval Panorama.

Saunas have been known for over 2,000 years, in areas from Scandinavia, through the Baltic countries, Russia, China to Japan, they are a traditional way of maintaining health and well-being of their users, especially during winter cold. Appropriate use increases the body’s resistance, hardens and relaxes; allows you to spend pleasant, relaxing time in the company of family and friends. Using the sauna has a very good effect on the circulatory system, respiratory system, metabolism, obesity, joint diseases and rheumatic pains.

Equipment: complete stove with stones, benches, stainless steel bands, internal platform, natural non-impregnated wood, glass door, DSC dome

Optional: shingle or sheet metal roof, wooden door, bucket, thermo-hygrometer, impregnation, lighting, hangers (see other accessories)

oval 245×400 cm, l-200 cm, 8÷10 people, with vestibule