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Is the garden sauna a dry or wet sauna?

sauna owalna panorama

Good question, especially since social awareness, i.e. all of us in our country, divide saunas into two types: dry and wet. This division is not very successful. When we say dry sauna, we mean a sauna in which the temperature reaches about 100ºC, the pouring of stones is very moderate or even forbidden, and the air humidity does not exceed 10%. A wet sauna, on the other hand, has a temperature of about 30ºC to 50ºC and a humidity of up to 60%, i.e. a place where the mist of water vapor is kept and it is warm. Is this the only way we share saunas? Of course not. Saunas are also a Russian banya (bania in Russian is a steam room) where the temperature is kept at around 70-80ºC, the humidity is 30% by intensive pouring. Bania takes many different forms and shapes with holes in the ground, sheds, huts and special closed chambers, from which only the heads of users protrude. You can’t forget about the Greek and Roman baths, thermal baths, etc. The sauna is also a Roman bath, hot-tube, i.e. a hot tub and a black sauna known from Finland and Siberia.

Sauna is also a Roman bath, a hot-tube, i.e. a hot tub and a black sauna known from Finland and Siberia. Temperatures and humidity in saunas are different, but they have one thing in common, the sum of these two components should oscillate between 90 and 110, i.e. 50% humidity equals 60ºC. The higher the temperature, the lower the humidity, the higher the humidity, the lower the temperature, and so on. The garden sauna is a multifunctional sauna, it depends on the temperature of the stove and whether it can be poured abundantly, which will increase the humidity. Our stove has a tray for stones, which allows pouring, but it is not necessary. The garden sauna is universal and replaces almost all saunas known and attributed to different countries. Using the sauna in the garden does not limit us, we can pour water that will soak into the ground and do what we want. Let’s always remember the 90-110 rule for our health and safety.

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