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Brine graduation tower

Brine graduation towers for use in home and professional spas, salt caves and relaxation rooms after warm baths and sauna sessions.

What is a brine graduation tower and what it is used for and how it cures: Balneology is one of the oldest fields of spa medicine dealing with the study of the therapeutic properties of underground waters, brines and muds and their application in treatment, especially the treatment of chronic diseases. The development of other ways of obtaining salts and the growing importance of balneology in medical treatment led to graduation towers becoming a place for taking inhalations of the specific aerosol formed in their surroundings. The microclimate created around the graduation towers is used in the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases, sinusitis, emphysema, hypertension, allergies, vegetative neurosis and in cases of general exhaustion. The formation of salt-rich aerosols during production was an undesirable effect, as it led to a loss of salt, while in inhalation it is the composition of the aerosol that matters most. Our graduation towers constructed for therapeutic purposes differ somewhat to production graduation towers. First of all, the brine flows mainly down the birch fascine to create as much healing mist as possible.

Brine graduation tower
Brine graduation tower with a wooden structure, with dimensions: height 190, width 80, depth 40 cm
5 700 PLN
7 000 PLN

Brine graduation tower with dimensions of 40x80x190 cm made of spruce wood or a choice of larch or Siberian cedar. The graduation tower is complete and has: brine tank, stainless steel pump, led lighting with remote control. The brine should be prepared on your own from salt from Wieliczka or Ciechocinek. The best salt to prepare brine is microelemental and iodized salt.


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