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About us Lifepolska

The Lifepolska Company was established in 2002. Thanks to the highly qualified staff with a long experience and care for details, we can assure that our products are of the highest quality. We offer tubs and garden saunas.  In Scandinavia and the Far East from Siberia to China and Japan, sauna and garden tubs are known for over 2,000 years. FINNISH SAUNA, HOT TUB, or RUSKA BANIA from time immemorial are popular and give their owners a lot of joy and health.

About us Lifepolska

According to statistics in the areas of Scandinavia to the family falls 1.5 sauna. Sauna and garden tub recently gaining popularity in Europe, and therefore also in our country. As a manufacturer, we provide the highest quality and reliability, and service. We have our own team of installation, transportation and rich machine park with great facilities. We employ carpenters, machinists, welders and assemblers. Passion for saunas and garden tubs began 12 years ago in the far north of Norway. In the Nordic countries, and not just the sanctity of the sauna is like the distance of our company. The fruit of the passion of our products are a sauna and a garden tub. Made with great care, adequate knowledge and skill imported directly from the Norwegian Lofoten.

Our mission is to continuously improve our products, striving for excellence.

We work on new machines, and only the best tools in the wood selekcjonowanym, first grade. Saunas and garden tubs from the oven and finishing on door handles entirely we have designed and manufactured themselves. Thanks to our graphic artist and designers and drafters kept great proportions combined with ergonomics and durability. We are the only company who performed the detailed design and testing of the furnace, and the whole structure saunas and garden tub. Our mission is to continuously improve our products, striving for excellence.

Yours sincerely
Iwona Olejnik

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